Google Demonetizes Homocon Site Gateway Pundit

Homocon Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft writes:

Google censored President Trump for years pushing hit pieces on the 45th President to the top of their search results. Google frequently censored top conservative websites like The Gateway Pundit and just this week news broke that Google-YouTube censored and removed over a million videos on COVID.

On Friday we learned that Google demonetized The Gateway Pundit from their ad network. The Gateway Pundit is one of the top 200 websites in America today. The Gateway Pundit has an outstanding record of accurately reporting the top news stories of the day.

Because of our continued success and our honest conservative bent we are regularly censored, shadowbanned and banned by the tech giants. Despite this, our numbers continue to grow year after year. Google is truly one of the most dangerous companies in the world today.

Last year Google removed Gateway Pundit from search results. The site was banned by Twitter in June 2021.

From a July 28th report by Forbes:

All of these things are true, at least according to the Gateway Pundit: Election officials lost or tampered with millions of Trump votes on election night last November. In Pennsylvania, an impossible number of mail-in ballots flowed into the state, leading to Joe Biden’s victory there. (That story’s headline blared with all the subtlety of a fire alarm: “SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE: WE CAUGHT THEM!”) Months later, Attorney General Bill Barr failed to follow up on legitimate claims of election fraud.

It’s been lucrative for Gateway Pundit: From November 2020 to June, the site brought in $1.1 million through Google Ad Sense, the search engine’s shared advertising revenue program, according to the Center For Countering Digital Hate, even though Google’s rules would seem to prohibit content like Gateway Pundit’s from being monetized. (A Gateway Pundit lawyer dismissed the Center’s work, saying, “all of the allegations and facts and numbers to which you have cited are true.”)