George Washington Cosplayer Busted In Capitol Riot

St. Louis’s Fox News affiliate reports:

A western Missouri man has been charged with storming the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection, all while cosplaying George Washington.

Isaac Yoder, seen photographed inside the Capitol during the riot, was charged in federal court Wednesday, Aug 4, with entering and remaining in a restricted building, disorderly conduct in a restricted building, disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, and picketing in a Capitol building.

According to a statement of facts submitted by the FBI, investigators received an online tip on Feb. 26 about Yoder’s involvement. The tipster did not identify Yoder by name but knew where the individual worked: a locksmith in Nevada, Missouri.

From a March interview with Newsweek:

Five people died during the Capitol riot on January 6 and Isaac Yoder, who dressed as America’s first president, George Washington, said if the mob wanted to mount a unified stand, the casualties would have been much higher.

“Most of us out there are on the side of the aisle who are the gun owners,” Yoder told Newsweek. “If we had collectively gone there to cause trouble there would have been piles of bodies. We could have leveled things.”

Yoder, who disagrees that riot is the correct label for what happened on January 6, didn’t condone the damage that was done but said it signaled they weren’t there to cause any real trouble.