Florida Pastor/Cop Charged In Capitol Riot Calls For “Patriots” To “Rise Up” Against “Homosexual Lifestyle”

Orlando’s ABC News affiliate reports:

A former Windermere police officer facing federal charges for his alleged participation in the U.S. Capitol riot is railing against his charges in a new YouTube video, calling for other conservatives to “rise up.” Kevin Tuck was arrested in July and resigned from the Windermere Police Department the same day.

“Pastor Kevin here, the patriot pastor, coming to you,” Tuck said in the YouTube video. In the almost 25-minute-long video, Tuck called for conservatives to “rise up,” raging against Republicans and what he considers “alternative lifestyles.”

“The Republican Party is weak,” Kevin Tuck said. “We need to rise up and be conservative again. Do you remember what conservative means, Republicans? Hear me out: We are embracing the homosexual lifestyle as if this is normal.”

Read the full article. Tuck’s son, who is also a now-former Florida police officer, was arrested with his father.