FL Parent To School Board: “You Are Demonic Entities, We’ll Take You Down By The Authority Of Christ Jesus”

“My name is Melissa, I have two daughter in the school system. These are demonic entities and we need to stick together. Remember, we have authority in Christ Jesus.

“These are demonic entities in all of the school boards in all of the United States of America. And all of us Christians will be sticking together to take them all out. 

“All the police officers that take us out for our First Amendment right will also be going down with them. Do you understand?

“I’m a nurse, infectious disease, 13 years. Masks don’t work. These doctors that were sneering at us like we’re scumbags, they need to go back to fucking medical school. Turn my mic on!

“You need to remember, natural immunity is best. You are all demonic entities. You are going to be taken down.” – Batshit Melissa, at last night’s school board meeting in Lee County, Florida.

The clip has over one million views.