Feed Store Requires Selfie With “Your Horse” [VIDEO]

Las Vegas’s CBS News affiliate reports:

“It’s just kinda common sense. Don’t take horse wormer,” says Shelly Smith, a manager at ATV&V Tack and Feed, where they normally stock and sell ivermectin.

“I had a gentleman come in, he was an older gentleman, he told me that his wife wanted him to be on the ivermectin plan. I immediately brought him over here, because at that time I had this sign hung up, and I told him this isn’t safe for you to take,” said Smith.

“And he says, ‘well we’ve been taking it and my only side effect is I can’t see in the morning.’ That’s a big side effect, so you probably shouldn’t take it.” Which is why she hung a second sign now requiring customers to present a picture of their horse before buying ivermectin.

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