Erick Erickson: Twitter Has Suspended Me, Send Money

Via email from right wing columnist Erick Erickson:

Twitter temporarily suspended me from Twitter and I know a lot of you originally came here because of Twitter links. Considering I have doubled down on truth telling, I suspect Twitter will ban me at some point for stating biological truths.

This is just a reminder that your subscription to this email helps me keep telling truth even as platforms like Twitter ban me. Your subscription not only keeps me going here, but helps fund my radio program’s national syndication so that Woke-O Haram cannot pressure my advertisers because I depend on you, not advertisers.

Please consider subscribing if you haven’t. It is $70.00 a year or $7.00 a month and your subscription keeps me in the truth telling business with a platform the Wokes cannot shut down.

Last year Erickson appeared on JMG when he declared that homosexuality is a “product of sin, not God’s plan for creation.”