Ecstatic Booker Celebrates “Gift” Of GOP Amendment Allowing Democrats To Vote Against Defunding Police

Newsweek reports:

Senator Cory Booker gave a brief but lively endorsement on the Senate floor of a proposal about defunding the police in a video that has gone viral on social media. The New Jersey Democrat was animated on Tuesday when he teased Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), whose amendment to the Democrats’ 2022 budget resolution would cut federal funding to local governments that defund law enforcement.

After Tuberville sat down, Booker added a jolt of energy to proceedings with a light-hearted riff on how the GOP portrays the Democrats’ stance on law enforcement and some gentle mockery of the Alabama lawmaker. “Madam President, I am so excited,” said Booker as he clapped his hands together. “This is a gift. If it wasn’t a complete abdication of Senate procedures … I would walk over there and hug my colleague from Alabama.”

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