DC Police On High Alert Ahead Of Coming Cultist Rally

The Daily Beast reports:

D.C. police are on high alert ahead of a planned September rally in support of imprisoned Jan. 6 riot suspects, but those close to the ringleader of the original rally want nothing to do with it. Playing on popular pro-Trump talking points, the rally scheduled for Sept. 18 calls for the release of alleged Capitol rioters, whom it characterizes as “political prisoners.” The event has the city’s police planning a “full activation,” with all officers ready to respond.

But despite its popularity with Proud Boys, and its origin with a former Trump campaign official, in the upper ranks of Trumpworld the event isn’t even on the radar. Furthermore, two people familiar with the matter say they aren’t aware of former President Donald Trump—who since leaving office has defended Jan. 6 rioters—even receiving an invitation to the Sept. 18 demonstration.

Read the full article. The event’s organizer is short-lived Trump administration official Matt Braynard.