Cultist Pastor: “You Don’t Need The Vax, You Got Jesus”

Religion News Service reports:

The three-day Christian nationalist event being held at the Frisco Convention Center, north of Dallas, was part tent revival, part megachurch extravaganza and part political rally. It began with a video promoting a conservative online pharmacy and a word from the head of a pro-Trump conservative Christian insurance company who said he refuses to wear a mask and offered audience members a chance to win a new AR-15 rifle if they texted their number to his company.

In his sermon, Joshua Feuerstein told the biblical story of King Ahab and Jezebel and how they faced off against the prophet Elijah. He described Ahab as a senile old man and Jezebel as someone who “slept her way to the top.” “Does that sound familiar?” he said, leading to raucous cheers from worshipers. “You have a sound mind!” Feuerstein declared. “You don’t have to wear a mask! You got Jesus. You don’t need the vaccine! You got Jesus.”

Read the full article. Other speakers at the event were Mike Lindell and extremist pastor Greg Locke.

RELATED: Feuerstein appeared on JMG in 2017 when a Florida man lost his lawsuit against an Orlando bakery that refused to make a cake with the message, “Homosexuality is an abomination unto the Lord.” After Feuerstein posted a video about the case, the bakery got hundreds of harassing phone calls, including death threats.  Feuerstein made separate national headlines in 2015 for his campaign against Starbucks for their “anti-Christian” holiday cup.