Cultist Official Eyed In Colorado Election System Breach

The Daily Sentinel reports:

The Mesa County Clerk and Recorder’s Office is under investigation by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office for a breach in security over its election system. Secretary of State Jena Griswold released an order at 10:15 a.m. today calling on Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters to supply surveillance videos and documents showing how the breach occurred, and how security information ended up on a social media post.

If Peters can’t show proper chain of custody for that security information, which involves certain passwords that are eyes-only for state and county election workers who have passed background checks, all of the county’s election systems could be immediately decertified, meaning the county would be on the hook for an expensive refit of all of its machines. The Secretary of State’s investigation into the matter could lead to criminal charges, but against whom is unclear.

The Bulwark reports:

Last week Gateway Pundit reported that Q himself…errr “CodeMonkeyZ” Ron Watkins…posted a video and a few screenshots to his Telegram that had been provided by a “whistleblower.”

The posts were supposed to demonstrate that Dominion Voting Systems machines could in fact be connected to the internet, which is a necessary but not sufficient element in support of their bat guano theory of election fraud.

And in doing so they stepped on a pretty large rake – because the password in the video was unique, which allowed the Colorado Secretary of State’s office to identify which county the leak came from and during which meeting it was recorded.

According to the Bulwark, Peters has posted many times about the “rigged” election. Bonus: She’s also a nutjob anti-vaxxer.