COVID Rages Through Tampa Area Police Departments

Tampa’s Fox News affiliate reports:

Officers and civilian employees of the St. Petersburg Police Department stood outside headquarters and saluted their fallen brethren. But Officer Michael Weiskopf wasn’t taken out in a shootout with a suspect, by a car crash or an accident. He died of COVID-19 and was unvaccinated.

“Mike could probably be here today if he was vaccinated,” said Chief Anthony Holloway [photo]. “Wife and I talked about that. But he didn’t. All politics aside, get vaccinated. The wife now has to go through this. The police department has to go through this.”

Douglas Clark, 67, with the Manatee Corrections Department, died Thursday after a two-week battle with the virus. Deputy Christopher Broadhead, 32, with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, died Monday. His vaccination status was not disclosed.

Read the full article. Over 120 Tampa Bay area cops and police department employees are currently out with COVID.