Carlson Suggests Forced Sterilizations Are Next [Video]

“The French are fighting back against this, you know. I don’t think their testosterone levels have been lowered to quite the levels of ours by bad food or whatever.

“But there are definitely huge numbers of people who are — are pushing back against this in the form of — of protest nationwide in France. You’re not seeing that here.

“You wonder how far they can go before people say, you know, ‘I’m not against vaccines, I obviously want to get COVID under control, but you can’t force me to take a medicine I don’t want.’

“If you can do that, why can’t you sterilize me or lobotom — what can’t you do to me if you own my body? That’s a totally fair question, why is no one asking it?” – Tucker Carlson, speaking to Laura Ingraham last night.