Carlson Praises Anti-Vaxxers As “Brave Souls” [VIDEO]

“It’s kind of hard to argue with their reasoning. And if you want to argue, what’s the argument against it? Speak slowly so we can understand, but no one wants to argue anything anymore. It’s purely about obedience, it’s hardly about medicine.

“More than 150 health care workers in that Houston hospital system were fired, so remember that the next time they tell you there’s a health care shortage in this country.

“This is lunacy. We should not go along with it. It has nothing to do with medicine. It is a terrifying precedent that, if we let solidify, we will deeply, deeply regret.

“This is not about COVID, this is about the existence of rational decision-making in this country and personal autonomy.

“Most people are going along with this because they are afraid. A few brave souls are not.” – Tucker Carlson, last night.