California Anti-Vaxxer Is Now Sorry About Something

The East Bay Times reports:

Just one month ago, Jonathan Weltsch thought COVID-19 was only as severe as the run-of-the-mill flu. Believing the vaccine had not received adequate testing, Weltsch actively convinced people not to get vaccinated claiming “it would do more harm than good.”

Then he got sick. When Jonathan and his family contracted COVID-19 earlier this month, they assumed their symptoms would pass in a few days. Slowly but surely, his wife and children got better but Jonathan’s condition only worsened.

“I was told my whole life not to take experimental drugs and I was 100% against an experimental vaccine,” he told the Times-Standard. “I was so strong-willed against it. Then I lost my breath and I wished I was vaccinated.”

Read the full article. Or don’t, because you surely know what happened next and what is still happening.