Anti-Vax Texas Militia Leader Dies Of Something

The New York Times reports:

Caleb Wallace, a leader in the anti-mask movement in central Texas, became infected with the coronavirus and has been in an intensive care unit for the past three weeks, barely clinging to life, his wife, Jessica, said.

He founded the San Angelo Freedom Defenders, a group that hosted a rally to end “Covid-19 tyranny” according to a YouTube interview with him. “They believed the coronavirus was a hoax and they felt that the government was being too heavy-handed when it came to masks,” San Angelo’s mayor, Brenda Gunter, said in an interview.

In April, Mr. Wallace penned a letter to the San Angelo Independent School District demanding they “rescind ALL COVID-related policies immediately,” and questioning the science and efficacy of masks for schoolchildren.

The San Angelo Standard-Times reports:

On July 26, Jessica said her husband began experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus: shortness of breath, high fever, and a dry cough. Those symptoms became worse the following day. At first, Caleb refused to get tested for COVID-19, or go to the hospital.

Caleb instead began taking tablets of Ivermectin, high doses of Vitamin C, zinc aspirin, and an inhaler. By July 30, however, Caleb was taken by a relative to the emergency room at Shannon Medical Center.

An updated posted this afternoon to his family’s GoFundMe drive reads, “Caleb has peacefully passed on. He will forever live in our hearts and minds.” At this writing just over $40,000 has been raised.

Wallace’s Freedom Defenders group also organized a boycott of local pro-mask businesses. Their Facebook page was deleted the day he went into the hospital, where he was put on a ventilator on August 8th.

In the second video below, he harasses a county worker. In an April letter to the paper quoted above, he signs off as “West Texas Minutemen State Coordinator.”