Anti-Vax Nutbags Flood Missouri City Council Meeting

The Springfield News-Leader reports:

Despite a packed and rowdy crowd opposed to the measure, the Springfield city council Monday night passed a nonbinding resolution encouraging vaccination against COVID-19.

The proposal was purely symbolic, but opposition to the measure was fierce over the five-hour council meeting — and included misinformation, jeers, and allusions to the Holocaust. But Councilwoman Angela Romine does not agree with the rest of the council on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Many in the crowd wore shirts in support of Romine, reading “ROMINE: voice of the people.” A smaller group of about 15 wore a bright yellow, felt star on their chest, which one speaker said was a way to compare the city’s vaccination campaign to the holocaust and extermination of more than six million Jews by the Nazi regime.

Read the full article. The crazy starts at 1:30:00 below.