Anti-Vax Nutbag Steps On Multiple Rakes During OAN Demonstration Of How The Vaccine Made Her Magnetic

Mediaite reports:

OAN host Dan Ball reacted credulously to a jaw-droppingly inept live demonstration that his guest said shows that the COVID-19 vaccine made her magnetic. On Thursday night’s edition of Real America, Ball hosted a segment with Amelia Miller, one of many cranks posting videos that they say show Coronavirus vaccines conferring magnetism into their bodies.

Ball subjected Miller to the scientific rigor that is expected of an OAN host, asking her to demonstrate the effect live on the air. Miller obliged, and again laid a lightweight bit of metal on her upper left arm, site of her vaccination again inclined at about 45 degrees, then on the right arm, where it fell off, then again on the left arm, where it also fell off.

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