Anti-Vax Nurse Feels “Terrible” After Party Results In 20+ Infections And The Hospitalization Of Her Father

Jackson’s ABC News affiliate reports:

A Florence woman says she regrets a Fourth of July get-together that became a “mini-pandemic” party. More than 20 people tested positive for COVID-19 and some were hospitalized. Hannah Frith said it changed her perspective on the virus and vaccinations.

For Frith, it started as exhaustion, then a headache. A few days later, a friend took her to the hospital. Frith is a nurse. She knew she needed help. Unfortunately, Frith’s father was getting worse. She had spread the virus to him over dinner one night before she knew she was sick.

“It took him 30 minutes to get to the car because he was so short of breath,” Frith said. “The next day, the doctor called and told me his kidney function was bad. His liver enzymes were bad. Of course, he had COVID in both lungs. I felt terrible, you know?”

Read the full article. As you’ll see near the end of the clip below, Frith is now only “considering” getting the vaccine “because of what happened to my dad.”