Anti-Vax German Nurse Accused Of Swapping COVID Vaccine With Saline Solution, 8600 Must Be Re-Vaxxed

CNN reports:

A nurse is being investigated by police in Germany for allegedly replacing Covid-19 vaccines with saline solution. The nurse replaced the vaccines between March and April this year at Roffhausen immunization center in Friesland, northwest Germany, the Friesland district administrator, Sven Ambrosy, said on Facebook Tuesday.

“Today I had the sad duty to inform around 8,600 people who may have been affected that it cannot be ruled out they may have received a saline solution instead of their vaccination at their vaccination appointment. For peace of mind we would recommend people get an additional vaccination,” Ambrosy said.

Police found the nurse involved was “motivated to oppose the vaccination,” the Lower Saxony government’s coronavirus crisis team told journalists on Tuesday. Those who were inoculated when the suspected switch took place were all over the age of 70.

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