Anti-Vax Candace Owens Denies COVID Rumors Despite “Sudden Illness,” Claims She’s “On An Aspen Mountain”

News One reports:

Candace Owens’ reported absence at an event in Texas because of a “sudden illness” has sparked rumors that the conservative anti-vaccine champion may have come down with COVID-19 after spending more than a year dismissing it as nothing more than a hoax designed to infringe on freedoms enjoyed by Americans.

Owens, who has bragged about traveling internationally for months and sleeping next to her husband after he tested positive for COVID-19 without contracting the coronavirus, has called herself a “scientific miracle” who is “proud” to go unvaccinated and repeatedly questioned the COVID-19 vaccine‘s effectiveness and worth.

Owens returned to Twitter this afternoon to claim that she’s actually “at the top of an Aspen mountain” where cellphone signals are poor. That has prompted many to wonder why she would have scheduled a Texas speech in the middle of a family vacation to the mountains of Colorado.