Cultist Senate Hopeful’s Wife May Have Voted Illegally

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Potential Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker and his wife live in Texas, but she voted in Georgia’s election for president last fall. The absentee ballot cast by Julie Blanchard raises questions about whether she was allowed to vote in Georgia while living in Texas. It’s illegal for nonresidents to vote in Georgia in most circumstances. Walker has called for prosecutions of voter fraud, even though there’s no evidence of rampant abuse.

He’s promoted other false claims of voting irregularities by former President Donald Trump, who has encouraged him to enter the race. “If we’re residents in both places, is that legally wrong?” Blanchard said when reached by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday. “If you have multiple homes, you can’t vote where you have a home?” Blanchard hung up when asked follow-up questions.

Read the full article. Last month the Associated Press published a lengthy debunking of Walker’s claim to have hundreds of employees. State records show he has eight.