2020 RNC Speaker Promotes Horse De-Wormer Drug

Leading anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson, who was a keynote speaker at the 2020 Republican Convention, earned unrelated headlines that week when she declared that “in a godly household, the husband gets the final say” on how his wife should vote. Shortly before her speech, Johnson doubled-down, advocating for “household voting” in which husbands get the sole vote.

Last night she again made news for a lengthy Twitter thread in which she promoted the barnyard animal de-wormer, which she claims she successfully used to treat her recent COVID infection.

An excerpt from her many tweets:

I made a telehealth appointment with America’s Frontline Doctors from their website. A doctor called me on my cell and called in 3 prescriptions to my local pharmacy. The three meds were: Ivermectin, Prednisone, Zithromax. I picked them up that day and began taking them immediately.

I continuously checked my oxygen levels and they never dropped below 98. After my first dose of Ivermectin, my fever and headache stopped and didn’t return. By the 5th day, I can honestly say I felt back to 100%. I continued to take the supplements I listed above, but increased the mg for all of them.

I also started taking a 325mg aspirin every day and spent at least 15 minutes a day in the direct sun. My husband followed the exact same protocol and had the same results.

All 8 of my children contracted Covid. All 10 of us followed the medication and supplement suggestions made by the Frontline Doctors and every single one of us is back to peak health. Our ages range from 2-43 and I myself am an asthmatic.

I know that the Frontline Doctors are overwhelmed with requests and I have heard from many of you that you haven’t gotten calls back from them. So, I wanted to make sure to give you a reliable alternative, as this information is too important not to have at your fingertips.

Again, you need three scripts. Ivermectin, to kill off the virus. Prednisone, to help open up your lungs. A z-pack (Zithromax antibiotics) to prevent Covid pneumonia. If your local doctor won’t give these to you, you can get them very easily from a website called [redacted because crazy].

You simply go there and tell them the meds you want prescribed. Within a few minutes, they will call them into the pharmacy you choose. Be careful with calling Ivermectin into CVS or Walgreens. They have, in some places, refusing to fill Ivermectin.

Some of the tweets have since been deleted, doubtlessly so that she doesn’t get banned by Twitter. America’s Frontline Doctors are headed by the infamous “demon semen” nut and a woman arrested in the Capitol riot.