White Nationalists Plot To Disrupt Dallas CPAC Event

Salon reports:

White nationalist and Unite the Right attendee Nicholas Fuentes, de facto leader of the ultra-far-right “groyper” movement, has announced that he plans to attending a Conservative Political Action Conference gathering this weekend in Dallas, although he has not been welcomed at previous CPAC events. A years-long feud between Fuentes and CPAC organizers appeared to escalate on Wednesday after Fuentes’ declaration.

“I’m going to CPAC in Dallas on Saturday,” he tweeted to his loyal “groyper army,” many of whom responded with excitement. “Well, most likely, I’ll be getting physically removed from CPAC in Dallas on Saturday, but you can come watch if you want,” he added. During the CPAC convention in Florida earlier in 2021, Fuentes attempted to enter the event along with a group of 25 or so fellow white nationalists. They were denied entry.

Read the full article. Fuentes was banned by Twitter today.