Surfside Collapse Search Ends After Gruesome 29 Days

Miami’s ABC News affiliate reports:

After 29 emotionally and physically difficult days of search, rescue, and recovery efforts at the site of the Champlain Towers South condominium collapse, members of two task forces were saluted as they demobilized Friday at noon.

“Providing closure to families was the ultimate test of everybody here, and I think we did our best to do that,” said Scott Dean, the leader of Florida Task Force 2.

Miami-Dade County said that the fire department’s role in recovering remains has finished. Police and forensic specialists continue their work to identify human remains in the disaster and also to recover personal belongings from the rubble.

CNN reports:

On Saturday it will be one month since the Surfside condo collapse, and the family of Estelle Hedaya tells CNN she is the final victim that authorities have yet to find and identify. “The tough part is seeing my parents like this, day after day,” her brother, Ikey Hedaya, told CNN. “I just want my sister to be at peace and get the honor and respect she deserves.”

Ikey says that the family is guided by their faith and have found some comfort that Estelle, 54, was “chosen for something very important.” Still, they need closure so they can properly mourn her.

Authorities have identified 97 victims — including 96 who were recovered from the collapse site and one who died in the hospital, Miami-Dade County officials said Wednesday. Officials said they believe one victim is not yet identified.