Sunglasses Maker Battles Its White Supremacist Fans

The Daily Beast reports:

With an out-there look that wouldn’t look out of place in a 1980s wrestling ring, Pit Viper sunglasses have become a go-to choice for anyone looking to bring some attitude to the pregame. But Pit Viper has a problem: their reflective glasses are also a hit with far-right extremists.

Pit Viper’s problems started on Jan. 6, when far-right livestreamer and Charlottesville white supremacist rally attendee Anthime Gionet, who goes by the name “Baked Alaska,” wore Pit Viper sunglasses during the U.S. Capitol riot.

Gionet’s fondness for Pit Vipers was early proof that the brand had been adopted by “groypers”—young white nationalists who named themselves after a cartoon character similar to Pepe the Frog. Gionet was later arrested for allegedly breaching the Capitol.

Read the full article. As you can see from the photo above, Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and his klan wore the sunglasses when they attempted to storm CPAC in Dallas last weekend. CPAC security had them ejected. Apparel maker Fred Perry has gone through the same problem with the Proud Boys.