SC GOP In Civil War Over “Lepers” Comment By Chair

South Carolina’s FITS News reports:

Right-wing Republicans in Horry county, South Carolina are mulling a “censorship” resolution against the chairman of the state party after he called a group of grassroots conservative activists “lepers” last week – the latest front in an increasingly caustic civil war within the party.

I am guessing these Horry officials meant to say they will be mulling a “censure” resolution … but either way, the effort is indicative of the extent to which SCGOP chairman Drew McKissick [photo] has enraged conservatives with his recent comments.

In fact, I am told at least three other counties are mulling similar censure resolutions condemning McKissick for his remarks … including Anderson, Laurens and Greenwood counties.

Read the full article. The bias of the linked piece’s author is evident in the manner in which he refers to MAGA cultists.