Rubio Hypocrisy: The Marxist Left Wants To Silence Dissent (Also Dissenters Should Just Move Overseas)

Two weeks ago in his speech to the right wing Faith & Freedom conference, Sen. Marco Rubio claimed that Democrats want to silence dissent.

Marxists don’t tolerate dissent. They do not tolerate dissent. If you speak out in Marxist societies, you go to jail, you go into exile, some were executed. In new Marxism, if you speak out, you get banned, you get canceled, you get fired, your business gets boycotted, and you get called all sorts of names. So I understand why some people decide, “You know what, it’s just easier to pretend I agree, and stay quiet, I don’t need those hassles.’ That’s what they’re counting on.

But we have to speak out. And we can’t just speak out against the crazy things they stand for, we have to point people to the logical outcome, the consequences of doing what they want us to do. The consequences of what they’re asking us to accept. What they’re asking us to accept is something that runs counter to what this nation was founded on and what we have worked 240 years to try to get better at each generation.

But in today’s Fourth of July message, Rubio trots out the Nixon era’s “love it or leave it” mantra against people who DO dissent.