QAnon Rep: It’s Segregation To Require Proof Of Vax, Why Don’t They Test For AIDS Or “Staff” Infections?

Politico reports:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green said a private business’s decision to not admit unvaccinated patrons was tantamount to “segregation,” her latest use of inflammatory language while spreading anti-vaccine messages.

The Republican Georgia congresswoman tweeted Sunday night a screenshot of a recent Instagram post from an Atlanta restaurant that included a door sign that reads “NO VAX NO SERVICE.” In its message, the restaurant said “[a]fter a few positive covid cases last week” it decided the rule was necessary.

The first-term Republican has repeatedly compared vaccination requirements and mask mandates to the Holocaust and other callbacks to Nazism. More recently Taylor Green compared the Biden administrations door-to-door vaccine push to the Nazi paramilitary wing Sturmabteilung, colloquially referred to as “brownshirts.”

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