QAnon AZ Senator Demands Do-Over Of 2020 Election

The Washington Post reports:

Arizona’s Republicans held onto the state Senate last year, which was very good news for Wendy Rogers. The Air Force veteran, who’d lost five out of five previous elections, defeated a fellow Republican by accusing her of being soft on crime. In Phoenix, Rogers cast decisive votes to alter the state’s election laws and audit its 2020 vote; on Twitter, she began using a term she had never used as a private citizen.

“Based,” Rogers tweeted, after Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) pledged to oppose any immigration reform bill. “You are not ‘based,’” she tweeted in June, “if you support candidates who are not ‘based.’” When the city of Charlottesville, finally removed a statue of Robert E. Lee, she warned that anyone who did not back the defeated Confederate general was not — you guessed it — “based.”

If you’re unfamiliar with “based,” in far-right cultist jargon it means to do whatever you want without concern for what others may think or say.

Rogers, who last appeared on JMG when she threatened to imprison Attorney General Merrick Garland, is today calling for a complete do-over on Arizona’s 2020 general election.

The last tweet below is from Trump’s current spokes-liar.