QAnon AZ Senator Declares Support For Confederates

Mediaite reports:

Arizona Republican state Sen. Wendy Rogers had some thoughts on Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians changing its name to the Guardians starting next season. The move comes after years of lobbying by activist groups who said the current team name is offensive to Native Americans. Most curiously, she declared she likes Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, but does not like “traitors who hate America.”

The Arizona Mirror reports:

Sen. Wendy Rogers appeared again on an online TV network that has made multiple antisemitic remarks. Rogers tweeted about her appearance on TruNews earlier this week. TruNews has a history of antisemitic rhetoric on the site, the most infamous of which is a piece in which the founder, Rick Wiles, spent an hour and a half saying that “seditious Jews” were “orchestrating” to impeach Trump.

The Arizona Republic reports:

Fresh off of calling for overturning of the presidential election and basking in the glow of Trump’s resulting praise, Rogers on Saturday sounded the alarm to white supremacists. “We are being replaced and invaded,” she tweeted on Saturday. The Informant’s Nick Martin said Rogers’ words “strongly echoed the racist ‘great replacement’ myth, which holds that white people are being systematically replaced by non-white immigrants. That myth has been the motive in multiple mass murders in recent years.”

Rogers recently appeared on JMG when she threatened to have US Attorney General Merrick Garland imprisoned.