New York City’s MTA Unveils Coming Subway Cars

Gothamist reports:

The MTA has unveiled the first of the brand new subway cars that will begin replacing some of the system’s creakiest trains at the end of next year. At a rail yard in Sunset Park on Thursday, transit officials pulled back the curtain on a handful of long-awaited R211 cars.

The new model — part of a $1.4 billion purchase from Kawasaki Rail Car Inc. — comes equipped with communications-based signal technology and wider entryways intended to reduce dwell time at stations.

Twenty of the roughly 500 new cars will also feature the open-gangway design, meaning the cars won’t be separated by interior doors but linked by flexible connectors. The prototype, which has been shown to increase capacity in cities like Berlin and São Paulo, has been in the works at the MTA for nearly a decade.

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