New York City Disses Cleveland In Twitter Post

Here’s what started it all:

Some eye catching billboards urging businesses to consider a move to Ohio are garnering attention across New York City. There are three print billboard placements and 13 programmatic in Manhattan along with four print and seven programmatic in Brooklyn, and the marketing campaign is the brainchild of private nonprofit economic development corporation JobsOhio. One board in Times Square read, “Your buildings are taller, our taxes are smaller.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports:

The Big Apple just tried to take a bite out of Cleveland. And it didn’t sit well with The Land. Destination Cleveland CEO David Gilbert said he and several others within the organization spent some time Friday evening to figure out if they were going to respond to the tweet. Gilbert determined that they did not have to respond because Clevelanders, who responded to the tweet with thousands of photos, were taking care of it themselves, he said.

If you check the replies to NYC’s tweet, you’ll see that many upset New Yorkers are unaware of the origin of the squabble, with some describing the tweet as “uncalled for.” And of course, right wingers are chiming in to attack New York City. Some Clevelanders are also taking shots at Giuliani.