Mother Of Eight Now Sorry She Refused Vax [VIDEO]

Click Orlando reports:

A Florida mother of eight is sharing her story about her battle with COVID-19. She says she came close to dying and regrets not getting vaccinated. “It was horrifying,” Ganeene Starling said. “I never in my life have felt like I was going to die until that day.”

Starling had chosen not to get the vaccine. Her husband wasn’t vaccinated either or their children. She said she let people influence her in not getting the vaccine.

“Just that it had not been around long. Honestly, I think I listened. I think I let people influence me, like saying, ‘Oh, you know, this is the government just trying to fill our bodies with stuff and they’re trying to push this shot on us,’” Starling said.

Read the full article. Her husband and four of her children, including her 6 year-old, also got COVID. Nine days in the ICU, still on oxygen at home.