Missouri Hospitals Straining Under Delta Variant Surge

The Springfield News-Leader reports:

If you live in southwest Missouri, hospital executives say acquiring a severe case of COVID-19 could now mean a stay in St. Louis or Kansas City, as the global pandemic that has killed 3.9 million people continues to stretch Missouri hospital staffing. A handful of Springfield-area patients are already being treated hundreds of miles away in the state’s two biggest cities, the leader of CoxHealth confirmed Tuesday morning.

The news comes as Delta variant COVID-19 infections are surging in southwest Missouri. Data showed Tuesday that infections in metro Springfield have increased 44 percent over the past two weeks, a period in which the U.S. as a whole saw a 15-percent decline. The infection rate per 100,000 people for the Springfield area, 38 new cases per day, is almost 10 times greater than the national rate.

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