Kirk Suggests COVID Vaccines Have Killed “1.2 Million”

Mediaite reports:

Charlie Kirk has said he will not get vaccinated, and on his show Wednesday he talked about the number on VAERS of reports of people dying after receiving the covid-19 vaccines.

Presumably going off tweets from Alex Berenson, Kirk actually suggested that over one million people died after getting the vaccine, saying, “If VAERS is off by 99 percent, that would mean 1.2 million people died after getting the vaccine. If VAERS is only calculating 10 percent, that means 123,000 people died.”

“I’m not saying that’s true,” he continued. “I’m saying that according to how we calculate VAERS by the independent study that was administered, this could be true.”

Read the full article. As I’ve previously noted, the VAERS system allows members of the public to self-report any adverse reactions to the vaccine. Therefore the system has been inundated with batshit claims by QAnon freaks.