Jenner Ditches Campaign For Australian Reality Show

Australia’s The Advertiser reports:

Getting into Australia is near on impossible at the moment. Except, it seems, if you are Hollywood royalty. There are reports that reality star Caitlyn Jenner has taken up one of a severely limited number of airline seats so she can take part in Channel 7 series Celebrity Big Brother.

A group representing Australians stranded abroad has said the fact a celeb can fly in while others struggle to is a “slap in the face”. The sky high airfare that many simply cannot afford is unlikely to be borne by Jenner. If she wins, it’s reported she will be able to head back stateside a cool half a million dollars richer.

There are thought to be as many as 34,000 Australians overseas who are trying to get home, yet just 3000 weekly spots.

Read the full article. Vanity Fair notes that if she makes the cut, filming that show has taken around two months in the past. California’s recall election is September 14th.