Hate Group Radio Host: I’ve Got COVID, My Husband Was Hospitalized, I’m Still Not Backing Vaccine [AUDIO]

American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios:

I do want to tell you that a week ago today I took my husband to the emergency room at the hospital. I was worried sick, he was not breathing. He was in really difficult circumstances. We were told that he did have COVID pneumonia. He was fighting for his life.

So you can imagine what this week was like. Saturday I was able to bring Bruce home. He’s home on oxygen. And yes, if you want to know if I had COVID, yes I tested positive as well. I guess that’s why I’ve been sick so many weeks.

We just thought – our grandchildren are here with us – they went to vacation bible school and came home sick. We immediately caught whatever they had – we just thought it was what kids bring home, some kind of virus.

Thank you, Jesus. That’s all I can say, thank you, Jesus. You might say, ‘Well, does this change you mind about vaccines?” I just have to be honest with you, I’m not ready to declare anything yet.

Last week Rios did her show live from CPAC Dallas where she interviewed Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward, Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Rep. Mo Brooks, CPAC chair Matt Schlapp, and others. Listen to today’s show in full here.