GOP Women’s PAC Won’t Fundraise For Or Endorse “Carnival Barkers” QAnon Reps Greene And Boebert

The Insider reports:

The Value In Electing Women Political Action Committee has supported every GOP woman serving in the US House and Senate, with the “intentional exception” of the two Republican freshmen, according to Julie Conway, VIEW PAC’s executive director and a longtime fundraiser and political consultant. Conway said the PAC would not endorse them in 2022, either.

“While we rightfully celebrate the number of GOP women serving in the House, I’ve always professed quality over quantity,” Conway told Insider in an email.

“The work of Congress is not a joke or reality show. Our women have fought too hard for too long to be respected and taken seriously as legislators, policy makers and thought leaders. We cannot let this work be erased by individuals who chose to be shameless self-promoters and carnival barkers.”

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