GOP Senator Claims His Church Can’t Pray For People’s Healing Because It Would “Out Their Health Situations”

“People are very well informed. They don’t need to be lectured to. They certainly don’t need to be bullied. They respond more negatively than positively to that. And frankly, I prefer to listen to my constituents rather than lecture them and inform them.

“I inform them about what’s going on in Congress. I’m not a great informer what’s going on in their personal health care. The vaccine hasn’t been through the type of rigorous reviews that other vaccines have had.

“So people being hesitant or wanting to wait to see how it plays out is perfectly logical to me. I want to honor personal privacy by the way, which is also critical.

“We can’t pray for people’s healing in church anymore because it would out their health situations. So I don’t know why we should be outing everybody’s personal decisions on vaccinations.” – GOP Sen. Kevin Cramer, today on MSNBC.