GOP Senate Candidate To Hold Florida Rally To Demand Release Of Rioters: “Political Prisoners In FBI False Flag”

Just in via press release:

We know Jan. 6 was a False Flag organized by the FBI to distract from the Election Theft and to justify the political persecution of pro-Trump conservatives.

Over 500 individuals have been charged by the corrupt Feds. Men and women in detainment right now are being beaten, abused, demeaned, and placed in solitary confinement even though they committed no violence and did nothing more than enter the Capitol at the Capitol Police’s insistence.

These are Americans who merely wanted to show their support for our legitimate President, Donald J. Trump. Many of them are veterans who love their country with all their hearts.

This gross injustice must end. They are political prisoners and must be released if there’s any justice left in this nation.

We are PEACEFULLY DEMONSTRATING at the Florida Capitol Building in Tallahassee to petition our great Gov. Ron DeSantis, to demand the immediate release of the incarcerated patriots and to use all the power and leverage at his disposal to make this happen.

We are sure that once Gov. DeSantis takes the lead, other patriots elected officials throughout the country will make the same push and then Washington will have no choice but to bend.

This rally is peaceful. It is being organized by the team of Luis Miguel for Senate. Luis Miguel is a Republican Candidate challenging Marco Rubio in the GOP primary for the 2022 race. Let’s take our country back.