Geraldo Lashes Out At “Arrogant, Selfish” Anti-Vaxxers

The New York Daily News reports:

Geraldo Rivera went off on anti-vaxxers Tuesday, which did not go over well with Fox News viewers who witnessed his blunt invective. “If you are unvaccinated, you are an arrogant, selfish SOB,” Rivera declared.

Fox News’ observers on social media went ballistic on the mustached TV newsman, who is frequently at odds with his more conservative colleagues. Some viewers claimed Rivera’s opinions were based on “fake statistics” while others railed against “illegal immigrants.”

“That arrogant, selfish SOB, Geraldo, can kiss my healthy unvaccinated a–,” tweeted another Rivera critic. “Good lord, I’m on Geraldo’s side of something?” wrote baffled Twitter user Jory Soderman. “We live in strange damn times.”

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