Fox News Host Who Parroted Trump’s COVID Lies: Since When Do We Take Healthcare Advice From A President?

“Now that vaccines are open to everyone and information expertise are everywhere, why does it matter how many COVID cases we have in this country?

“Now that we all have a choice in how to handle our personal health including vaccines, distancing, masks, why do we need the president of the United States and Facebook to shut us down and shut down our lives once again?

“And for those of you who think it’s just a California problem, you are wrong. It’s now a Las Vegas problem, and soon every liberal city will soon follow suit. We have seen this movie.

“But let’s get this straight. 97 percent of COVID hospitalizations are unvaccinated people who, by the way, made their own choice not to be vaccinated. And if you need a reason to get vaccinated, I guess you just got one.

“But, since when do we count on the president of the United States for healthcare advice? Let me answer that, we do not, but that isn’t stopping him from offering up his unsolicited unscientific input.” – Fox host Brian Kilmeade.