Fox News Host Ridicules Concerns Over COVID Variants

Media Matters has the transcript:

MARK STEYN (GUEST HOST): The mask mandates are lifting and you can now visit granny without getting arrested, but new waves, new waves could hit any moment. It’s not just cov-zilla, but all her maligned spawn who are coming to get you.

The World Health Organization is now warning of the unusual mutations of the lambada variant, the lambdaa variant sounds like a sudden death round on “Dancing with the Stars,” — “Dancing with the SARS”. Oh, sorry, my mistake, it’s the lambda variant. That’s a sorority house where everyone has unusual mutations.

The delta variant has now spawned a variant of its own, delta plus, which sounds like premium economy on a crappy domestic flight where the airline’s too busy politically posturing in Georgia election laws to bring you the lousy bag of SunChips. We are in the land of lame sequels here, and the COVID franchise is exhausted.

Steyn appeared on JMG last March when he declared that San Francisco was under lockdown because “it’s a big gay town full of compromised immune systems.”