Fourth Suspect Charged In Murder Of Spanish Gay Man

El Pais reports:

Spanish police have arrested a fourth individual in connection with the deadly beating of a young man by a group of at least seven people in the northwestern city of A Coruña last Saturday. The suspect is a man in his early twenties who is friends with the three people – two men and a woman – who were arrested over the brutal killing of Samuel Luiz, 24, outside a nightclub in the Galician city. The latest suspect is facing charges of homicide and for taking the victim’s phone.

A friend of the victim said that the attackers – who did not know Luiz and had never been in contact with him before that moment – used homophobic slurs against the young man, who was homosexual. According to this friend, Lina, who was with Samuel at the time of the attack, the assailants repeatedly used the term “maricón” (faggot). This prompted widespread street protests by LGBTQ+ groups across Spain in the days after the attack, and led to public statements by Spanish ministers against hate crimes.

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