FL GOP Official Sorry He Didn’t Get Vax (Guess Why)

The Lakeland Ledger reports:

James Ring, president of the Republican Party of Lakeland, says he is blessed to be alive after being “certain I was dying” of COVID-19, saying he contracted it at a national volleyball tournament in which his twin daughters played nearly three weeks ago in Orlando. “I haven’t shared this with many people, but I just spent the last few days confined to a small room in the COVID unit at Lakeland Regional Health with COVID pneumonia in both my lungs,” Ring shared in a private text message and then on Facebook.

He has a warning for those who think COVID is fake or like a cold or the flu. “I shared my story to say this – this pandemic is not over. Please take it seriously and remember to wear a mask. Even if you think they’re silly, it’s better than sitting all alone in a COVID unit wishing you had.” Wearing a mask and getting a vaccine are personal choices, he said but they’re ones he hopes everyone decides to make. “Those decisions could affect the people you love the most,” Ring said. “I didn’t and I almost paid for it with my life.”

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