Fired Fox Host And Network Trade Ugly Barbs In Lawsuit

The Hill reports:

Former Fox News anchor Ed Henry is suing the network for defamation for statements the company made when they fired him over allegations of sexual misconduct. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Newark, N.J., seeks punitive damages and accuses top brass at Fox News of issuing a statement that “sandbagged” Henry in July of 2020.

Henry has denied allegations of misconduct while at the network. Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott, Henry’s lawsuit alleges, gave “credence to the false allegations because she was trying to save her own career and burnish her image as a tough, no nonsense female executive who cleaned up Fox News.”

Fox News said it is “fully prepared to vigorously defend” itself against what it called “baseless allegations,” saying Henry’s lawsuit is “rife with inaccuracies” and mocking him for “driving his personal life into the ground with countless extramarital affairs in a desperate attempt for relevance and redemption.”

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