Feds Forgive Pandemic Loans For Anti-Vax Nutcases

The Daily Beast reports:

Talk about a sick deal. The Small Business Administration has given anti-vaccine conspiracists a million-dollar-plus shot in the arm by forgiving massive loans to top opponents of inoculations, a review by The Daily Beast revealed. Ironically, this infusion has come via the Paycheck Protection Program, intended to relieve the economic strain brought on by the pandemic—the same pandemic that rampant disinformation about anti-COVID-19 injections now threatens to prolong.

The beneficiaries of the SBA’s repayment amnesty include the Children’s Health Defense Co, founded and chaired by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., perhaps the most famous anti-vaccine advocate in America. Kennedy did not respond immediately to a request for comment, but public records show that the federal government forgave a PPP loan worth $145,399, plus more than a thousand dollars in interest, in March of this year.

Read the full article. Among the other anti-vax beneficiaries of forgiven loans is nutcase Sherri Tenpenny, who earned national ridicule for claiming that the COVID vaccine turns people into human magnets. Tenpenny got over $72,000.