FBI Most Wanted Capitol Riot Suspect Collared In PA

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

If there were any doubts about the role Samuel Lazar played during the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol, the Lancaster County man cleared them up within hours of the attack. He posted to Facebook: “There’s a time for war. Our constitution allows us to abolish our [government] and install a new one in [its] place.” And in a video shared on Twitter,  Lazar — dressed in a tactical vest and goggles, camouflage face paint melting down his face — boasted of his mettle while skirmishing with police.

And yet in the six months that followed — even as he appeared on the FBI’s list of most wanted insurrection suspects, posed for photos with prominent Pennsylvania GOP candidates like 2022 gubernatorial hopeful Doug Mastriano, and featured in more videos that surfaced from the insurrection including one depicting him using a giant Trump campaign sign as a battering ram to break through police lines — Lazar remained free.

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