Extremists Attack Attendees At Dem Rep’s Town Hall

Yahoo News reports:

Police officers had to intervene during a Sunday afternoon town hall hosted by Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.), after a fight broke out between her backers and supporters of former President Donald Trump.

As she spoke, a handful of Trump supporters began loudly interrupting her, the Los Angeles Times reports, shouting and calling her “Corrupt Katie Porter” and “Carpetbagger Katie.” In response, there were chants of “Katie! Katie! Katie!”

When several of the Porter supporters walked over to the protesters and confronted them, it sparked a fight, and punches were thrown, the Times reports. Porter ran over and put her arms around an elderly woman who was close to the scuffle, and officers from the Irvine Police Department quickly separated both sides.

Most of the tweets below are from a 2020 protest led by the man who led yesterday’s incident.