Ex-Trump Lawyer “Quits” The GOP In Fight With RNC

The Huffington Post reports:

Jenna Ellis said she’s done with the GOP because its members aren’t backing ex-President Donald Trump enough. Trump’s former senior legal adviser announced she was leaving the Republican Party during a 22-minute monologue on her “Real America’s Voice News” show “Just The Truth” on Monday.

Ellis, who once described Trump as an “idiot,” said Republicans had backstabbed Trump. She also accused the Republican National Committee of “not championing the issues” that make America great. “All of them, including (RNC Chair) Ronna McDaniel, should resign now,” declared Ellis.

Yahoo News reports:

She also questioned what happened to the “millions raised” by the RNC in November and December of last year when the election challenges were playing out, saying, “the Trump team never saw a dime of that help.”

“I am leaving the Republican Party until the Republican Party comes back home to conservatives,” she said during an follow-up appearance on Newsmax, on which she is a contributor.

A November email reported by the Washington Post showed Justin Riemer, chief counsel for the RNC, discouraging a staffer from posting about ballot fraud claims made by Trump’s team. He called the legal endeavor led by Rudy Giuliani and Ellis “a joke” that was misleading millions of people.

As you may recall, last year the Wall Street Journal exposed noble Christian Jenna Ellis for having invented most of her resume. In January, she earned headlines for attacking the physical appearance of White House press secretary Jen Psaki. All of this infighting is utterly delicious.